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Unity Conference

Millad al-Nabi celebration and unity

conference in the Shia and Sunni centers

of Canada.


Religious Dialogue

Mr. Satpal Singh , Ambassador of Sikh

Religion of the western Hemisphere

visits Grand Ayatollah Hosseini Nassab.



Islam - The Fastest Growing Religion

The world's fastest growing religion and

the world's second-largest religion


Solidarity with Religious Minorities

presence of Grand Ayatullah Hosseini Nassab

and Muslims in Jewish Synagogue in Toronto

to express sympathy with religious minorities

who are attacked by racists.


Muslims and Jews protect each other

 Protective human circle around mosque by

Jews and around Synagogue by Muslims

after attack by racists in Canada


Toronto (Canada) Arbaeen Walk

Arbaeen Walk was held on 27th of October,

2018 in Downtown, Toronto. Thousands of

people participated.


Bigest Islamic Center in Canada

The bigest Islamic Center in Canada

belongs to the Ithna Ashari Shia Muslims.


Ashura in Canada

Lecture of Grand Ayatollah Hosseini Nassab

in Imam Mahdi Islamic Center-Toronto


Azadari in Toronto

The fourth annual Azadari program was

held in Toronto - Canada.


A glance at big mosques in Canada

There are more than 360 Islamic Centers

in Canada.

Imam Ali Masjid in Ottawa

A new mosque (Imam Ali Masjid) was

establishe in the city of Ottawa, Canada.


Imam Mahdi Islamic Center-Canada

This Islamic Center has been established

in Toronto, Canada.


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